on now: the heart is a muscle, group exhibition continues until april 24th. we are currently available by phone & email.

kim atlin - canopy

gary clement - atomic self portrait

jeff depner - reconfigured grid no.89

christine flynn - cali palms

fiona freemark - peonies no.6 (8:21PM & 8:48PM)

anne griffiths - juicy dry

jeffrey harrison - 20

drew klassen - view from a highway

erin mcsavaney - the generation gap

tess michalik - sister farrah

jeremy miranda - hot stove

leah rainey - space debris I

casey roberts - high desert yucca

ric santon (photography) - lone pine

ric santon - little by little

corri-lynn tetz - flower

anna valdez - shell with purple crate

douglas walker - r-835

samantha walrod - celebration southeast