erin mcsavaney: after real, may 3rd - 26th, 2019

kim atlin - canopy

kristy blackwell - meaningless embrace of complication

gary clement - people: assorted sizes

jeff depner - reconfigured grid no.84

christine flynn - zion overlook

fiona freemark - window (small studio)

paul gagner - omg

judith geher - snow bird no.5

jeffrey harrison - good luck

jj jasperson - boxing day stomp

drew klassen - pool in the foothills at night

menno krant - from the cigarette pack series

erin mcsavaney - expanse

jeremy miranda - portal no.2

yangyang pan - glaze

leah rainey - line swoop var.3

casey roberts - drawing birds at breakfast (dining table)

ric santon (photography) - lone pine

ric santon - high tolerance

anna valdez - natural curiosities

douglas walker, R-645

samantha walrod - candy skull deer