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kim atlin - canopy

kristy blackwell - delicacy surrounds

gary clement - atomic self portrait

jeff depner - reconfigured grid no.89

christine flynn - cali palms

fiona freemark - flower tile / garden (fool's paradise)

anne griffiths - juicy dry

jeffrey harrison - good luck

jj jasperson - please listen to the following options

drew klassen - end of the inlet

erin mcsavaney - expanse

tess michalik - yellow ochre wreaths for you

jeremy miranda - newry

leah rainey - graving piece

casey roberts - roman finds

ric santon (photography) - lone pine

ric santon - everything's fine

corri-lynn tetz - kneel

anna valdez - spring daffodils and desert bones

douglas walker, R-645

samantha walrod - candy skull deer