Summer Forecast

"Learning that someone sees something completely differently than you is fraught with curiosity. The fact that another person can look at the same colour and see a different shade is mind expanding: are we the only ones that see the way we do?

Take the recent viral meme of a striped dress, for example. Did you see a gold dress or a blue one? People debated tirelessly, finding it impossible to believe that something they were so sure of-something they saw with their own two eyes!-looked completely different to others.

Is there a way to compare notes? To get a glimpse into the way someone else views the world? The seven painters included in Summer Forecast share with us the way they see their direct surroundings: the colours, the light, the shapes. Two artists can look at the same landscape and paint completely different interpretations, giving us insight into the way they see.

Summer Forecast exists on a spectrum. On one side, there are realist painters, who paint the world as accurately as a photograph. Firmly in this camp are Heather Goodchild and Caitlyn Murphy. From there, things get a little hazy. Keiran Brennan Hinton, Darby Milbrath, and Corri-lynn Tetz all straddle the line between realism and abstraction. Their work is a slightly skewed version of reality, colourful and mystical. Their paintings are less a photograph, more a memory of an event. Then, there are the abstract painters. Anne Griffiths and Kristine Moran exaggerate the landscapes that surround them, focussing on the colours and shapes of the hills, water, and light.

If you look at a painting by Caitlyn Murphy next to a painting by Kristine Moran, it might be difficult to see their similarities. But linked together by Corri-lynn Tetz, we start to see all the ways they're similar. How each painter translates their surroundings into pigment. Showing us the way they see the world."
-Tatum Dooley