2002                Bachelor of Fine Art    Emily Carr University

2012 Canada Council Visual Arts Project Grant Recipient
2016 Canada Council Visual Arts Project Grant Recipient

2017 Cave Paintings, Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver, Sept.
2017 Garden, Gallery 555, Toronto, July.
2016 Peripheral Visions,  Art Rental & Sales Showroom, July.
2014 Eccentric Gardens, Initial Gallery, Oct.      
2013 Eerie Dearies, grunt gallery, Vancouver, Dec.
2013 Supernatural, Make Studios, Vancouver, Dec.
2012 Like A Great Black Fire, Elissa Cristall Gallery, Vancouver, Feb.
2011 Like A Great Black Fire, Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, Sept.
2010 Haunting New Works, Forsya Boutique & Gallery, Vancouver, Sept.
2009 Catholic School Girls Rule, Little Mountain Gallery, Vancouver, March.           
2007 Phantom Flatlands, Little Mountain Gallery, Vancouver, July.            

2013 Cipher Messaging with Angela Fama at Initial Gallery, Vancouver, Oct.
2008 The Nightside of Fables, Ayden Gallery Vancouver, Jan.

2017 Perplexities: Space, Form and Image, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, March.
2017 Portals, Gallery 555, Toronto, Ontario, January.
2017 Winter Group Exhibition, Galerie Youn, Montreal, Quebec, January.
2016 Geo Necro, ADA Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, USA, May.
2015 Riot Art, Private Pop-up show, Calgary, Oct.
2015 Summer Mix, Kimoto Gallery, Vancouver, July.
2015 Art Gestalt, China Cloud, Vancouver, July.
2015 Love Letter Project, Vancouver, Feb.
2014 Lost Moments, Gauntlet Gallery, San Francisco, June.
2014 Adventure Awaits, Nucleus Gallery, LA, May.
2013 The Best of Everything, Baron Gallery, Vancouver, Nov.
2013 Northern Lights, Rotofugi Gallery, Chicago, July.
2010 Art and Sole, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, Aug.
2010 Beyond Wonderland, Box Studios, Vancouver, June.
2010 Artists for Earth, Performance Works, Vancouver, April.
2009 Life-Lid Gala, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver. June.
2009 Art and Sole, El Kartel, Vancouver, Oct.
2008 10 x 10, Gallery Atsui, Vancouver. Dec.
2008 Robots and Monsters, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver. Oct.
2008 The Hands Have Horns, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver. Sept.
2008 The Cheaper Show, Storyeum, Vancouver. June.
2008 Robots, Buildings and You, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver. Feb.
2007 Deft, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver. Dec.
2007 13 Apostles, Grace Gallery, Vancouver. Dec.                           
2007 Carnival of Dreams, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver. Oct.                             
2007 Phantasmagories, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver. June.
2006 Robots & Monsters, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver. Jan.           
2006 Integrate, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver. Oct.
2005 Sideshow, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver. Sept.
2005 Space Invaders, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver. July.                                         
2005 Red Is Best, Kleinsteuber Gallery, Vancouver. June.                                          
2005 Form and Function, Ayden Gallery Vancouver. June.                                      
2005 Cyclops Dreams, Access Gallery, Vancouver. July.
~ this show also exhibited at Third Space Gallery, Saint John in 2007.
2005 Raise Hands All Those, Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria, May.
~ this show traveled + exhibited at Gallery 101, Ottawa. Oct.
2005 Infinity, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver. Feb.

*Facade Projection Festival Vancouver (2016)
*Author and illustrator of picture book Eerie Dearies: 26 Ways to Miss School published by Simply Read  (2014).

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